Eco Industrial Infrastructure

Enviro infrastructure projects by GGEPIL have been conceptualized keeping in mind management of resources, manpower, infrastructure and environment-friendly day-to-day operations.

An Eco-Industrial Park is a community of manufacturing and service businesses located together on a common property. Members seek enhanced environmental, economic, and social performance through collaboration in managing environmental and resource issues,hazardous waste companies.

GGEPIL has been developing sustainable eco parks which provides a platform for industries of different nature to establish themselves whilst demonstrating enviro legal compliances. The Eco industrial infrastructure developed by GGEPIL houses all ancillary supporting infrastructure for an industry like waste water pipelines, recycling infrastructure, roads, drains etc. enabling the industry to focus on their core forte leaving the ancillaries to be managed by GGEPIL. Diversifying into different fields; GGEPIL is playing its role from the front in the process of building developed India.

Based on the concepts of industrial ecology, collaborative strategies not only include by-product synergy (“waste-to-feed” exchanges), but can also take the form of wastewater cascading, shared logistics and shipping & receiving facilities, shared parking, green technology purchasing blocks, multi-partner green building retrofit, district energy systems, and local education & resource centers. This is an application of a systems approach, in which designs and processes/activities are integrated to address multiple objectives.

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