Green Gene

GREEN GENE, a community initiative by GEPIL, spreads awareness on serious environmental issues that need to be addressed urgently. It also aims to support Urban Local Bodies in their missions targeted towards similar issues.

Green Gene helps individuals in a society discover the ‘green gene’ within themselves, by educating them and supporting their green initiatives. Green Gene will also invest in innovative solutions to protect and sustain the environment. With Green Gene, GEPIL intends to reach out and maximize its scope of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Green Gene Creed

that we will care for mother Earth,
and ensure a clean society.
that economic growth will be best attained,
through ecological balance .
that our sustainable effort towards green revolution,
will transpire to a healthy evolution.
that energy security, will be best achieved,
through renewable and natural resources.
that our present needs will be met,
without compromising the needs of future generation and
that we will serve the humanity,
to enlighten the green gene within us.

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