It is the goal of the group to promote professional and personal growth and learning opportunities that support lifelong learning and assist individuals in working effectively together within their departments. Having people friendly HR policies, we encourage
employees to upgrade their skills and progress their careers.

Regular training and development help our employees in adapting to change and keep up with recent changes in technology thereby increasing their productivity. Indirectly, it helps maintain healthy work relationship among employees and enrich the atmosphere at the workplace.

Such opportunities for growth and development help employees expand their knowledge, skills and abilities and apply the competencies they have gained to new and complex situations. The opportunity to gain new skills and experiences can increase employee motivation and job satisfaction. This can translate into positive gains for the organization helping it to attract and
retain top-quality employees.

Opportunities for employee growth and development include:

  • Skills training provided in-house or through outside training centers.
  • Opportunities for promotion and internal career advancement.
  • Coaching, mentoring, and leadership development programs.


The process of Training at GEPIL starts with an individual’s Training need Assessment. The basic purpose of a training needs assessment is to identify the knowledge and skills that an employee must possess in order to perform effectively on the job and to prescribe appropriate interventions to close these gaps. We leverage our employees to train and develop them on a three tier learning structure which include Functional skills, General skills and their behavior.

This dedicated process at GEPIL of providing ample opportunities for growth and development, surely leads to improve the quality of their employees work experience and also realize the benefits of developing workers to their full potential.